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Click below to read the Advocate article published April 3, 2013.

Mitchell Advocate Article

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Sanctuary News

There have been some  significant and temporary changes at Main Street United as outlined at the  beginning of yesterday’s Palm Sunday Service for all who were present.   Rumours abound though and sadly a number are complete fallacy and sadly  destructive.  Please feel free to share this list of facts for any  concerned.
Here are the  facts:
1. Main Street United Church is NOT  condemned!
2. The 1880 portion of the building (both upstairs and  down) is temporarily off limits until a qualified structural engineer gives the  all clear.
3. This is simply a PRECAUTIONARY  MEASURE.
4. Nothing has fallen down and no one has been hurt.
5. There are a handful of new cracks  in the plaster that may be indicative of a structural problem, we simply do not  know for sure.
6. The back addition is open, fine and is being used as  usual.
7. Palm Sunday services were held in the Lockhart  Reception Centre next door with excellent  attendance and much positive feedback about the temporary location.
8. ALL services will continue as  usual.
Look to this website or  call the church office for the latest updates.  We’ll do our best to keep  all informed.
Blessings this Holy Week  as we move inevitably towards Christ’s Glory,
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